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>save data corrupted



apparently everyone else too




>Hmm maybe I should back up my save
>Nah, the instructions for installing updates were to extract to the same folder and surely the dev would test whether that would corrupt a save
And that's the story of the irreparable damage of trust, children.


Well, I did program stuff specifically so this very thing wouldn't happen. After a few patches I just took it for granted that it worked.

Thanks for notifying me that even the itch.io people got hit by it as well. It certainly is inexcusable.

In the future it will be part of my before-release checklist.


Happens even to big devs… Just don't let it happen again. 加油 Homph dev.

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It's totally inexcusable that the gamepad controls are still so awful. Can't map the 360 d-pad to directions? Seriously? I can't imagine people who'd prefer to direct their character in this game with an analog stick being anything other than a minority, so it seems to me like the d-pad should've been the first thing to see support. What a total shitshow.

Even before the most recent update you said you were content with the pad controls which tells me you have extremely low standards for input methods.

Just…come the fuck on, man. This is basic stuff. Please try harder. I know you'd be more likely to listen to me if I were more polite about this but I honestly can't believe the game has reached this point and still doesn't have adequate control support, the foundation of player interaction with your game.


Also, I can appreciate that you felt the need to shut up the retards who couldn't be assed to figure out the systems of your game on their own (honestly, I can), but I really, REALLY don't need to see the tutorial text pages on the first run of every boot of the game (or any run that starts from the main menu). That's extremely annoying and a total overreaction to the complaining idiots. Put it in a help option on the menu and then save after the first time the player sees it or something. That way people don't have to see it every time they boot the game but the people who are too dumb to go looking for it will be exposed to it and can check it again if need be.


>Can't map the 360 d-pad to directions?
The diagonals are extremely finicky to map (at least on an actual Xbox 360 controller) and people were complaining about that. If you want to use the d-pad, it's already mapped for you, but you have to go Options->Game->Gamepad Move and switch it to "D-Pad".

>you said you were content with the pad controls

Yeah, sorry. I only ever use a keyboard when playing games. Although I bought an Xbox 360 controller specifically to test for this, and it seems fine to me, no one seems to agree… I can only slowly work off of people's complaints to make stuff better.

Are there any other complaints about the controller? Your post makes it seem like there's more, but I've already (kind of) addressed the problem you did mention. Guess that needs more visibility? Perhaps a first-run message asking what basic input profile player wants.

> I know you'd be more likely to listen to me if I were more polite

Nah it's cool. Bring on the hate.

>REALLY don't need to see the tutorial text pages

You can turn the tutorial off! Options -> Game -> Show Tutorial

That said, you made me realize there's no "To never see this shit again, hit [F10]" (or something like that). Thanks, I'll fix that for the next version.


Cheers for responding politely even though half the stuff I bitched about was already addressed in the options menu, mea culpa for being a raging asshole.

>Guess that needs more visibility? Perhaps a first-run message asking what basic input profile player wants.

I don't think it's a fault of the way you implemented the option, I think it's a fault of me being precisely the type of moron that I referenced in my second post in this thread and failing to actually explore the options menu instead of complaining. That said, it might be a good thing to implement regardless.

Keep up the good work, sorry again for being a dick.


Oh boy, disabling tutorial in settings doesn't actually disable the tutorial.

Although it will be a few days, I'll try to fix/publish that ASAP.

Edit – Managed to fix for Steam, itch.io update will have to come later.

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