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Solid game Homph. I've played about 7 hours so far.

I tried posting a lengthy and descriptive (positive) review on the steam page about the game. But either something went wrong or you have reviews set to be via your review and discretion. Either way 80% of the review is lost on my end. I may write it again if it's not up by tomorrow though.

I've ran into a few crashes and a few game save corruptions (1 was likely my fault, the others were on the game's end.)

I submit all crash reports- i hope that sends you a log file so you can look into what ever issue there was (i assume that's what the report is for and about).

Good luck, and i wish to see your game when it's all pretty and polished.


Oh shit, still getting corruptions after the latest patch (1.18h)? That's a real bummer.

When you say save corruption you mean like controls/runes/etc, or just the current playthrough?

If you happen to see this, were you able to find what might have caused it?

In any case, thanks for the reports, I'll give them a look.

(Sorry for the slow reply, the posts on the imageboard have always been a bit far in between).


I replied to your email, no save corruptions or crashes in a long while for me, so it's probably safe to say what ever caused that was fixed by the most recent update.

I did however encounter a small issue with extra health obtained after killing bosses when on Jie.

Today when i loaded my save on a Jie play through after i had already defeated 2 bosses (the slave master and the ant queen). When i got into game Jie's health had reset to 3 (should be 5). It caused me no issues and i was able to beat the game anyways, so no skin off my back. But if it's not intentional you may want to look into it.

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